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Teeth Whitening

Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a Black man's smileSince teeth will stain over time due to our lifestyle and nutritional habits, it is paramount to seek teeth whitening procedures to brighten your teeth. A professional whitening procedure conducted by our team at The OC Smiles Family Dental can give a dramatic change in the look of your teeth. You can do it when you have a special event or when you just want to revamp the look of your teeth. Our dentist provides a safe, gentle, and effective teeth whitening treatment to enhance the appearance of your smile. You can opt for in-office whitening or at-home whitening with special bleaching trays.

Chairside Whitening Procedure

In-office whitening is performed in a dental office chair. Our dentist does prophylaxis and cleaning of the teeth and gums. Prophylactic cleaning does away with food leftovers, plaque, bacteria, and even calcium deposits. Additionally, the dentist does an exam. It is important to have the teeth and gums checked. If there are issues like cracking, decay, or gum infection, our dentist will have them resolved before your teeth whitening treatment.

To begin the whitening process, the dentist obtains photos of the teeth, showing the shade. We take measurements of the color of teeth by using a tooth shade guide. The shade we record acts as the benchmark. We can compare the results we get after whitening to see the progress.

Our dentist will whiten the teeth by applying bleaching gel. During each application, the dentist lets the gel rest on the teeth, allowing it to act on the teeth and whiten them. The dentist cleanses the teeth of the gel after every application. Several bleaching gel applications are done to attain the desired result. Once we obtain your targeted level of whiteness, we end the process.

You may notice that after the bleaching session, your teeth are a little whiter than the other teeth. This happens due to dehydration effects. Therefore, the whiteness is set to adjust over a few days. That is when you will see the real whiteness. If there is a noticeable difference between your teeth, get back to us to arrange for another whitening session later on.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Some people may just want to whiten at home. Doing your whitening at home gives you some level of control and you can do it at your own pace. We custom-make teeth bleaching trays. We get a mouth impression from which we fabricate the trays. Once the trays are ready, you will come to pick them up. We issue a bleaching substance that you put in the trays. Usually, the trays fit tightly and do not allow bleaching solutions to leak. This way, they are safer than the conventional DIY whitening but make sure you follow the instructions. You wear the trays daily for a couple of hours, usually at night. Do this for two weeks and you will see results. Once you have whitened your teeth, limit foods and drinks that discolor or stain teeth.

To get your teeth whitened in a professional way, make a trip to our office. The team at The OC Smiles Family Dental will provide you with our whitening options. Call us at (971) 447-0093 to book an appointment.

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