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Dentistry for Kids

Adorable and young Black girl sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her older white dentist and white dental assistantThe journey to attaining a beautiful, healthy smile for your child begins at an early age. You should visit a pediatric dentist to have your child's mouth and teeth examined and cleaned by their first birthday, or six months from the time of eruption of their first teeth. At The OC Smiles Family Dental, we understand how important the dental health of a child is. We take it seriously to make sure your child has a healthy smile. We ask you to bring your child in for routine checkups as well as cleanings every six months. When you suspect issues with the mouth, teeth, and gums, bring your child in to our office.

Why See a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists have a better understanding of the dental needs of children. They deal with different cases of dental issues and have vast experience in resolving the issues. A pediatric dentist knows the challenges kids have when it comes to maintaining oral health and seeing a dentist. Some children may dislike visiting a dentist, or be afraid, but pediatric dentists have the mastery of counseling, influencing, and encouraging and working with children to like the dentist and enjoy their experience.

Additionally, pediatric dentists are able to educate kids on how to develop and nurture good dental habits. Our pediatric dentist also teaches parents and guardians ways to incorporate oral hygiene practices for children into their daily dental hygiene routine. Additionally, we help parents learn about healthy diets for teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry Procedures

A pediatric dentist can provide many procedures. A common procedure that every pediatric dentist performs is exams and cleanings. Kids need to get their gums, teeth, and mouth examined to ensure that there are no issues or concerns. Children are prone to developing cavities because they are still learning proper oral hygiene. They do not realize how crucial dental hygiene is to their smile. Unchecked, kids may skip brushing and flossing. Additionally, kids love sugary foods and drinks, which can increase bacteria and destructive acidity in the mouth.

During exams, we may take x-rays to have a detailed view of the invisible structures of the mouth. X-rays may reveal problems such as cavities forming in the interdental spaces or the areas between the teeth. Also, x-rays can indicate a pulp infection or bone deterioration. We will discuss with you the need for having x-rays so that you know the expectations.

We clean the mouth, including teeth and gums to shave down plaque or tartar and bacteria. Our pediatric dental team also provides fluoride treatment to children. Fluoride helps build strong teeth and prevent cavities. Additionally, we paint sealants on teeth to offer a shield so that the teeth remain healthy. Dental sealants can help, particularly with back teeth, which seem difficult to clean.

Moreover, our kids dentist does extractions if needed. When the teeth of kids are severely damaged to a level where fillings and crowns cannot work, tooth removal may be an option. We can remove the baby and permanent teeth that are decayed, infected or damaged. When fillings and crowns are a choice, we place them to protect the teeth from bacteria, plaque, and debris.

To meet our team at The OC Smiles Family Dental, request an appointment by calling (971) 447-0093. We are happy to set the right path for the oral health of your child.

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